Production time:

All my products are made to order and shipped from the place that they're manufactured.  I don't keep any stock on hand at my own studio.  This means my products are not taking any unnecessary trips and helps keep waste at a minimum.  Production times vary depending on the product but are noted in each product listing.  You can read about shipping here.

Wallpaper installation:

I have three different types of wallpaper with different methods of adhesion and installation.  With any wallpaper it is very important to prepare the wall properly before installation.  The wall should be made as smooth as possible by filling any holes and sanding the whole surface with a hand sander.  Unpainted drywall should be primed prior to wallpaper installation.  It is recommended to have a professional installer hang the non-pasted traditional type of wallpaper.  

Decals installation:

Decals are like large stickers that adhere to walls (or any flat surface).  They come with a transparency tape layer on the outer surface which is peeled off once the decal is stuck to the wall.  Installation instructions are included in the package with each decal order.