Your products have the option for "digital download," what does that mean? 

That means that rather than a physical artwork, you can download an artwork to your computer or device for your personal use.  You can print at home or send to a local print shop for them to print.  You can also use this as your phone or computer wallpaper, or even have it put onto a mug.  

What happens when I order a digital artwork?  

You will be sent a link via email to a high resolution image file which you have permission to download.  The link will expire in 48 hours after you first open it.  Once you have downloaded the file, you may print the artwork with your own printer or take it to your local print shop.  It is best to download the file onto a computer as opposed to a tablet or phone.  The artwork is best reproduced at the print size listed, enlarging may cause a reduction in image quality.

The artwork is not for commercial use.  If you would like to use my artwork for a commercial purpose, please contact me for a licensing arrangement.

Can you do different types of commissions that I don't see on your site?

Absolutely!  I would love to hear about your ideas for commissioned work.  If your idea can work with my style and I have the availability, then we can discuss pricing.  I will require a deposit to start and full payment when the piece is finished.

What types of media do you work in?

Currently I do the large majority of my work digitally using illustration software on an iPad, drawing with an Apple Pencil.  I also work in watercolours and gouache.