Grasscloth Wallcovering

100% handcrafted natural sisal grasscloth wallpaper has a beautiful woven texture and subtle lustre to add a touch of elegance and tactile dimension to your walls.  

Recommended for residential, low-traffic areas like accent walls and dining rooms.  

grasscloth sisal wallpaper

Installation & Care:

Paste is required and a professional wallpaper installer is recommended.  Double cut, hand trimming required.  Ensure installation surface is clean, smooth, dry and free of dust prior to hanging.  Wall surface should be sized - sealed and allowed to dry.

Grasscloth is delicate, but requires little maintenance. Lightly brush with a soft surface feather duster to remove dust. Never use cleaning agents to remove a stain. If necessary only use the foam from a gentle household dishwashing liquid and rub softly with a soft white cloth.

Paper Specifications:

24 in (61 cm) width and 27 feet long rolls.

Note: Grasscloth is a natural handcrafted wallpaper with unique variations and irregularities in texture, color, and weave, which is an inherent quality of this material. When installed, the seams between the panels of grasscloth will be visible. Variations in color between batches may occur due to the manufacturing process. This paper is not suitable for high moisture areas such as bathrooms with showers or bathtubs.


Certifications and Ratings:


- Type I wall covering (Light Duty)
- Class A fire-rated